How To Build A Home Theater PC

How To Build A Home Theater PC

Do you ever wish to listen to the soothing melody while lounging lazily on your living room couch? Or how about the Indi Rock genre, knocking at your ear drums as you play GTA in another tab. Certainly, you desire all this. Well, then you can enjoy all this by building a home theatre PC.

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In this article we show the benefits of building your own HTPC, for a specific free guide on how to build your own computer from scratch, check out this guide.

A home theatre PC, known as HTPC, is an accumulation of the various aspects of both the personal computer and home theatre. This also includes playing the various audios, videos, photos, and audio/video recordings. There are various application software that allow you to converge these capabilities into a single device. These devices, be they the HTPC or other such convergence apparatuses are when merged with a home theatre, act as a single unit that behaves as the home entertainment system. In the recent days, these HTPC devices come in handy with a remote control, various software interfaces and a 3M UI design that allows you to view your applications from a distant screen.

Here are some reasons you should consider to build home theatre PC:

  1. Recording up videos through live streaming and keeping them for further viewing: There are many videos which when done with Live streaming cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. Keeping such items recorded for watching them later can be done with the help of an HTPC. Especially, keeping track of sports shows and series which cannot be viewed due to any reason while ‘on air’ can also be recorded.
  2. Gaming: Be it at a younger age or even after you have grown up, gaming is something that just cannot be put aside. Be it a basic car racing game like Need For Speed, adventurous ones like Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia or even football matches such as FIFA, games are a part of our lives. And playing these through cable connected remote controls or joysticks, or even cable-less remotes in the HTPC is like its own piece of heaven. This is a clear proof that your choice to build home theatre PC is not wrong.
  3. Surfing through the Internet: Having an HTPC will make you stray away from your notebook or your PC. This device works in every aspect. Thus, it doesn’t need to be mentioned that surfing the Internet through this would work as a magic too. This states that your decision to build home theatre PC gives you a number of benefits.

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  1. As you are building it yourself, put in all the ‘good’ parts you want: Keeping your HTPC in accordance with the latest components is sure to give rewarding results. Get the best parts and upgrade your device like a pro.
  2. Cheaper upgrading: You have built this HTPC on your own. Thus upgrading this won’t be a difficulty. If you are planning to upgrade from a DVD to the Blu-ray device, you do not have to purchase a high priced software. Just changing the drive itself from DVD to Blu-ray would be enough. The addition of extra storage devices such as external hard disks etc. isn’t that hard.
  3. Video calling: IMO, Skype and other such applications run effortlessly in an HTPC. FaceTime, a new app to connect easily with your friends and family is running worldwide in an impressive manner. HTPC allows you to video call without any hindrance, connecting everyone all around the world.

Thus, it can be easily stated that the decision to build home theatre PC would cost less than the up-gradation of the PC and your TV or home entertainment system separately. Cutting out on the cable network at a lower level could work for your benefit too.  If you are looking at building your own PC from scratch for fun and the chance to save some cash, check out the best step-by-step guide we’ve found.

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