A General Guide to PC Parts

A General Guide to PC Parts

In today’s technologically advanced world, almost everyone owns a computer system. But having one is not enough. If you are not well versed with the functioning of different parts of computer, you cannot really claim to be that “technologically advanced.” But you need not worry, as we are here to guide you with the roles of all the major parts of computer. Take a look!  For a more info check out this website.

Hard Drive

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Let’s begin with one of the basic parts of computer – hard drive. No doubt that you might have heard of it. It works as a storage device of the computer. The data you save on your computer such as an image or a Word file gets saved to the hard drive. So when you hear anyone referring to the computer’s information, it means the information on the hard drive is being referred to.

The data storage capacity of a hard drive may vary. The early hard drives (of the 1950’s) could hold only 5MB of data while the recent hard drives are capable of 250GB to 500GB of information.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

As the name suggests, it processes all the functions of your computer. A CPU is small in size with a number of pins and connectors on its one side. As it is required to calculate and process huge chunks of information, it comes with a heat sink and fan to protect it from overheating.


Often referred to as the system, logic or main board of the computer, the functionality of a motherboard depends upon the other components. A more simple explanation of this can be that all the other components of a computer are plugged or placed into the motherboard. Besides providing space to the hard drive, CPU and other major components, it also deals with the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).

You can also plug in the peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard etc. to the motherboard.

Graphics Card

Also called as the video card, this component among the parts of computer is responsible for outputting the images onto your desktop. One important point to note here is that some motherboards come with a built-in or integrated video card. But if you want a good quality, go for a dedicated video card that you need to purchase separately and install onto the motherboard.

The users, who look for quality such as gamers or 3D graphics designer, prefer the high-end video cards.

Power Supply Unit

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Another crucial component among the parts of computer is the Power Supply Unit or PSU. It converts the AC power into low-voltage DC power. In order to maintain a low temperature inside the PSUs, they come equipped with fans as overheating might result in slowing down the computer’s performance as well as putting the other components at risk.


All of us familiar with what a monitor is. It works as the display unit of the computer. Without this, the other components become useless. In the earlier times, the monitors had a big box kind of appearance which has now turned into a thin film transistor liquid crystal display or flat panel LCD display.


As you move the mouse, you can see an arrow/cursor moving on the screen which helps you click, drag and drop things from one folder/file to another. Among all the parts of computer, a mouse gives a maximum user interface with the objects displayed on the monitor.


This is again the common component of parts of computer. A keyboard lets you type the things into your computer. In an absence of a keyboard, giving commands to the computer is not possible.

There you go, many of the computer components jargon is now cleared up, also here’s a great guide to building your own computer along with more detailed info to get you on your way.

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